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Streamline The Process of Creating and Managing Job Descriptions Within Your Organization.

Whether you're a large corporation or a small company with just a few employees, Job Descriptions Made Simple is an online tool that will help ease the burden of creating and managing job descriptions.

Our Job Descriptions Made Simple tool pulls information directly from the U.S. Deparment of Labor's O*Net database to assist you in creating legally compliant job descriptions. Below is a listing of the information accessible to the public from O*Net. Create and manage all your job descriptions today using Job Descriptions Made Simple, click Sign Up to purchase.

Infantry Job Description

General Information
Reports To: your text here
Department: your text here
Classification: your text here
Job Purpose: your text here
Primary Job Function
Operate weapons and equipment in ground combat operations. Duties include operating and maintaining weapons, such as rifles, machine guns, mortars, and hand grenades; locating, constructing, and camouflaging infantry positions and equipment; evaluating terrain and recording topographical information; operating and maintaining field communications equipment; assessing need for and directing supporting fire; placing explosives and performing minesweeping activities on land; and participating in basic reconnaissance operations.
Essential Job Functions
Job Knowledge
Job Skills
Job Abilities
Tools / Technology Requirements
Desired Qualifications
Additional Job Activities
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